Chic silhouettes created by amazing illustrators

The beauty releases beauty – captivating evidence this aesthetic principle is our fruitful cooperation with four talented artists, which masterpieces you may admire on our social media. Friendly wonderful girls, inspired by our recent collections created four illustrations and each of them enrapture with unrepeatable impressionability and unique perspective.

Fascinated by their artistic perception – distinct but similar at the same moment – we would love to know how are POCA & POCA collections in your eyes. On this occasion will appear a special competition on our Intagram soon!


Julia Tekuchyova


POCA & POCA Mademoiselle 2018 collection

Julia Tekuchyova said about this outfit:

“Elegant jumpsuit with ruffles suitable for visiting the theatre because that emphasize the feminine aristocracy.”


Agata Wierzbicka


POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2018 collection

Agata Wierzbicka said about this outfit: “Best to wear when you have lunch with your friends!”


Olga Arnold


POCA & POCA Simple Sample 2018 collection

Olga Arnold said about this outfit:

“This dress is made for every occasion, where you want to feel yourself elegant, confident and beautiful…”


Karolina Kiss


POCA & POCA Limited Edition 2018

Karolina Kiss said about this outfit:

“It’s a perfect match for a first date with the love of your life – just dream, breathe and love. “