“Be Glamorous” – it’s the name of new POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter 2018 collection

The POCA & POCA girl closed her eyes, and made a wish as she blew on the delicate petals of a dandelion.

Her wish had come true and her heart beat with excitement and amaze as she looked around her in wonder.

It was a night of magnificence and elegance captivating the POCA & POCA girl; it was exactly as she hoped it would be.

A mystic evening charmed with delight and pleasure, being surrounded by

her favourite people in an outstanding venue fit for a regal engagement.

She looked as dazzling as ever, wearing a beautiful dark dress adorned with gorgeous shiny details;

she was in the limelight and her perfection was the focus of everyone’s attention.


It was a magical place illuminated with colourful spotlights, mirrors and shiny balls,

making it an evening filled with enchantment and exuberance. It was a scene of sparkle and celebration,

whilst the crowd relished in the vivacity in the twinkling night.

The POCA & POCA girl loved every moment, as she laughed, danced and was absolutely glamorous.

This season, POCA & POCA’s ‘Be Glamorous’ collection draws inspiration from the glittering evenings in the most outstanding venues which exude with incredible opulence and lavish events. The collection has been designed to reflect this diverse time of elegance and glamour, keeping in mind the iconic women who oozed with the utmost confidence and fashionable attitudes.

The collection is made up of sculptural forms, dynamic patterns, new silhouettes and a rich sense of minimalist décor which gives precedence to outlines and POCA & POCA’s distinguished styles. The off-the-shoulder style on a blouse and dress make an appearance for the first time, a style synonymous with this fashionable period. Sophisticated sashes also add an element of grace and style to the collar of a blouse or a waist of a skirt.

Superior fabrics featuring tafta, organza and silk are used throughout the collection which glimmer and shine, reflecting the theme. Colours are various shades of silver and gold, as well as bronze, pearl, and onyx. The pieces are finished with shiny details including gold buttons on the waist and wrists of a blouse or trouser, and are also beautifully placed along the silhouette of a dress in a straight line or in a uniquely diagonal way.







Discover video of “Be Glamorous” collection HERE 

You can also explore second video of the Autumn / Winter 2018 collection HERE


The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall,

Le BHV on City Walk, Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, and online on www.pocaandpoca.com