Discover Autumn / Winter 2020 childrenswear new collection!

As we enter a new season, a time of charming autumn reverie and winter magic,

the POCA & POCA Petite Autumn / Winter Collection 2020

lets imaginations soar between the delicacy and the audacity of dreams.

The longing for a journey, for new ravishing discoveries and daily captivation was

the inspiration to create an unusual line full of subtlety and grace.

Extracting from the opulence of imagination, the collection is characterized by extraordinary lightness

and pastel colors, innocent as the first delight.

This gentleness and tendency to daydreaming are also evoked by

the refined geometric and floral textures, corresponding with fairy, almost botanical forms.


The breakthrough of winter and autumn comes to us with a frosty breeze

and Indian summer, bringing stunning 14 silhouettes,

created with tenderness for Little Beloved Princess,

to make each of her days a new chapter of an endless, exciting adventure,

leading from gardens full of flowers to chambers full of secrets and puzzles.

Adorable admirers of style and adventurous relish each their moments,

sparkling with a pinch of magic with lovely jumpsuit

and ruffled dresses, decorated with asymmetrical cape.

Cute blouses adorned with little wings or layered ruffles combine perfectly

with cute skirts or shorts with belly or petal legs.


Noble materials bring to mind associations with distant travels, inviting to the unforgettable voyage,

painted with hues of snowy whiteness and misty blue, pale pink and cool mint,

whispered with amused dot prints and tender flowers.

The airy palette of ethereal shades is enhanced by enchanting sophisticated details such as golden coins buttons

and butterfly wings, as well as cascading ruffles and poetic puffed sleeves.

Textured materials combine with smooth, friendly for delicate skin fabrics of extraordinary lightness,

evoking variety every day, calling for adventure, ensuring not only freedom of movement,

but also rare floral beautiness and sophistication.

The lyricism of the collection is inseparably complex with its versatility,

making the creations suitable for any occasion – making the princess’ awaken in a fairy tale every day.

The whites have the subtlety of feathery snow and the fluff of dandelions bringing wishes to tranquil cloudlets,

while the blues have the coolness of the sky and the purity of awakening.

Brought each of the silhouettes to life, with the intention of freely combining all creations combined,

as the most beautiful memories are combined with sentiment.



The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall,

Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, and online on