“On the path of her dreams” Autumn / Winter 2020 collection

“On the path of her dreams” Autumn / Winter 2020 collection

POCA & POCA unveils its Autumn/Winter 2020

‘On the path of her dreams’ Collection


The POCA & POCA princess loves the cool autumnal breeze.

She takes a stroll on the path in her garden,

the wonderfully violet flowers blooming on each side,

and the rays of the sun illuminating her way.

She is deep in her thoughts, dreaming of her bright future,

as the crisp breeze feels cool on her face,

indicating that the first signs of the autumn-winter season will soon arrive.

She wears a beautiful bow in her hair,

an accessory which she fashions for the season,

as she wanders down the path of her dreams.



POCA & POCA has unveiled its latest

Autumn/Winter 2020 ‘On the path of her dreams’ collection

which is characterized with bold colors of violet

– a shade which the brand uses for the very first time in its collection.

In the collection, appears also shades of magenta,

yellow, pink, grey, blue, white, black and bronze.

The pieces are created by hand using luxurious materials of

various textures including pleated fabrics, high-quality denim,

houndstooth fabric and fabric with delicate flowers.

The creations are finished with decorative elements such as gold buttons,

as well as gold chains around the waist as a belt,

on the shoulders as suspenders and also as part of the strap.


The Autumn/Winter 2020 ‘On the path of her dreams’ collection

embraces a range of elegant dresses, sophisticated jumpsuits,

chic trousers and graceful blouses,

some featuring POCA & POCA’s signature puffy sleeves

and also trendy asymmetrical designs on the shoulders and waist,

which add a touch of enigmatic fashion to the look.

Women will no doubt feel a sense of enchantment

and a fashionably feminine allure perfect for any occasion.



Discover video of “On the path of her dreams” collection HERE



The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques

at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall,

Robinsons in Dubai Festival City and online on www.pocaandpoca.com