POCA & POCA Petite introduces its Autumn/Winter 2018 ‘Be Happy’ collection

POCA & POCA introduces its new Autumn/Winter 2018 ‘Be Happy’ collection dedicated to little princesses who are fun, loving and playfully charming. The collection draws inspiration from the delicacy and beauty of the colorful balloons, bringing with it a sense of intrigue and wishful optimism characteristic for little girls.

In using light hues of cream, delicate pink and white contrasting with bold colours of royal blue, fuchsia and canary, the pieces comprise of lovely dresses and skirts layered with ruffles and made by unusual patterned fabric, shorts featuring wide legs and decorated with opalescent bubbles, pretty blouses with frills on the shoulders perfect for little girls in love with the unique wardrobe.

One beautiful day, Miss Petite closed her eyes and made a wish

as she blew on the delicate petals of the dandelion just as her mother did.

Her timid wish had come true…

There was an enjoyable evening full of play.

Miss Petite spent it in the room filled with colorful  balloons  like in the magical land from her dream.

She looked exquisite wearing canary blouse and shorts as she was immersed in her fairytale land.

It was a beautiful place that she has never been before.

She was playing with balloons and watched them float upward to draw them back to themselves.

She looked at those balloons filled with colorful sequins like dreams

that fly away and then fall to the bottom to make it happen.

This place had become her mystery room

which she comes every evening to play and dream about her future.


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Discover wonderful and magic video of POCA & POCA Autumn / winter 2018 Petite collection HERE.

The POCA & POCA Petite collection is now available at POCA & POCA online shop: www.shop.pocaandpoca.com