POCA & POCA Petite reveals its Spring / Summer 2021 Collection

The time has come when the Little Princess of POCA, encouraged by the amber rays of the sun gilding

the walls of her chamber opens the window wide for a refreshing breath.

Just as Spring is not completely detached from winter, the POCA & POCA Petite Spring / Summer Collection 2021

is still immersed in the delicacy of milky tones and pastels.

Snow, however, is replaced by the delicate foam of tiny flowers,

like delicate snowdrops and lilies, lifting their faithful heads towards the serene sky.

By releasing imagination, new line enjoy the abundance of fabulous colors,

subtle as watercolor mildness, spring landscapes, and caressing Summer,

inviting you to relish the sunny felicity and generosity.

A momentary lethargy, allowing to rest, turns into a daring, idealistic flight through the blooming realm of colorful adventures,

where the companions are birds and flowers whose scent resembles harmonious melodies,

and singing is intertwined with aromas.

This is also what the new POCA & POCA Petite Spring / Summer Collection 2021 is like,

brought on an invigorating aromatic breeze – like an enthralling melody,

woven with tenderness and mastery for a Little Lover of daily beauty, sparkling with magic.

It is a synesthetic combination of dreams about the freshness of discoveries and inspiration, about the fulfillment of timid dreams,

like the first swallow, but faithful and consistent as it is.

The new line consists of 16 admirable silhouettes that change like the mood – sometimes lyrical frilly dresses, sometimes comfortable outfits,

a duo with blouses and shorts or globed skirts, which the Little Creator of daily wonders will be able to

celebrate each of the enchanting, unforgettable and significant moments.

Our POCA & POCA Style Lover can choose freely from a wide range of hues captivating with subtlety – cloudy creaminess is mixed

with the playful vigor of sprightly mint and curious jasmine buds, the delightful opulence and vitality of green have the boldness of young shoots,

the saturation of the invigorating fragility of the little leaves and the balsamic comfort of aloe.

There is no shortage of delightful defiance of optimistic pink, electrifying, like the fun of amusing flamingos, harmonizing with the celestial soothing blue.

The scale runs through salmon-powdery tones, extending on an unusual texture to lush bunches of lilac.

The contrast between the colors evokes the splendor of a seductive summer afternoon, full of pleasures

and delights, provoking adventures and being a kind of springboard for exploration,

for the unrestrained parade of dreams – with full awareness, without fear, and always with the aristocratic grace of fairy-tale spontaneity.

Inspirations are drawn directly from childhood era and nature captivating summer fullness, derived from luscious berries and cherries,

the mystery of the freckled moon and spring landscapes resonate exceptionally thanks to the extraordinary advantages of selected carefully fabrics.

Materials are characterized by a honeycomb texture, flowing pleats, geometric embossing, and lovely feathery bows.

The splendor of the gardens captivates to the point of breathlessness thanks to the extraordinary floral patterns,

balancing between the universal designs and its compelling innovation.

This is how the tasteful wardrobe of a Little Princess is delighted – in deep love with blouses with puffed sleeves, cute flared skirts, and exquisite dresses.

The cuts draw generously from botanical and avian shapes – the lines of inflorescences, the breeze of bird wings – the wide legs of shorts

and a jumpsuit decorated with a cape have a charming non-obviousness, variability. Pieces are counterpointed

with ravishing glass planets buttons, postulating the limitlessness of imagination. Thanks to details such as butterfly wings,

asymmetrical collars, trailing frills, can feel like a graceful, light fairy, loving the garden of her dreams, tenderly cared for.

The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall and online on www.pocaandpoca.com