POCA & POCA reveals its Spring / Summer 2020 “Beloved Retro” collection

POCA & POCA  Spring/Summer 2020 “Beloved Retro” collection


It’s a time full of glamour, modern chic and retro fashion.

An exciting time to be the POCA & POCA princess as she gleefully spends her spring day

in her wonderful palatial room trying on some quintessential dresses, shirts and jackets,

mixing up a formal ensemble with quirky skirts of bright colors.

The pieces are spinning around her like a merry-go-round of insignias and fabrics,

her imagination runs free with styling creativity.

The palace couturier is mesmerized by the princess as she watches her from her window,

dancing around with joy and excitement as she experiments

with her new found style for the retro chic fashion of these modern times.

She laughs to herself as she watches this beautiful adolescent come of age with her confidence and beauty,

and decides to intervene, to create a collection for her

that will be remembered as a timeless and ‘Beloved Retro’ collection…

Inspired by the swinging 1960s, POCA & POCA has created a collection dedicated to a time of fashionable glamour,

luxurious lifestyle and modern style; a time when women represented feminine confidence,

and gracefully pushed boundaries to be more assertive in their sense of style.

The Spring/Summer 2020 ‘Beloved Retro’ collection is characterized with pastel shades,

contrasted with vivid colours of pink, orange and purple. Lavish and unique materials are used throughout the collection,

including embossed fabric, feathery fabric and high-quality denim.

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection is carefully designed by hand

and selected to match the strong fashionable elements dominating the season.

Conveyed in classical shapes and styles, the pieces are all about embracing a mature fashionable style,

while also staying true to the charm and playfulness signified by POCA & POCA.

It is about being brave to display your personality in every aspect of fashion and on the contrary,

to live in a free and alluring spirit.

The brand expresses this fun element with fantastical asymmetry in skirts,

dresses and blouses as well as finishing the pieces

with ruffles to create a pleasurable contrast to the otherwise classical look.

For the first time, POCA & POCA reveals double-breasted jackets in its collection,

owing to the retro theme and taking on a new design approach to the otherwise ladylike style;

the result is perfectly on trend for the coming season. Also new are gold chain belts

with decorative gold buckles with sloping fabric in a gold leaf shape,

adding a refined touch to the waist throughout the collection.

Discover video of “Shades of Fall” collection HERE 

The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall,

Robinsons in Dubai Festival City,  and online on www.pocaandpoca.com

Soon will be availabe also at Riyadh Park in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.