POCA & POCA sea foam lightness in Carolin Margi’s lens

Model: Sophie Ella

Photographer: Carolin Margi

Filmmaker: Jay Alexander

Make up: Ashley Sequeira

Jumpsuit: POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2018

Discover the short video of the photo session HERE.


Delicacy, grace, purity, charm and lightness are the inspirations behind POCA & POCA’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘Close your eyes and make a wish’, a title dedicated to the whimsical and elusive magnificence of the dandelion. The collection embodies elegance and sophistication reflecting a sense of romance to the feminine form found in delicate and light fabrics of tulle, lace, silk, valance and pleats.

Discover POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2018 collection at www.pocaandpoca.com More videos about collection: https://youtu.be/9ZSAPBlkFYg