POCA & POCA unveils its Spring / Summer 2019 “Beloved Flowers” collection

POCA & POCA unveils its Spring/Summer 2019 collection distinguished by a delicate and feminine elegance. The collection takes on beautiful POCA & POCA designs in a new silhouette, adding a touch of movement with a sophisticatedly modern twist to the creations. Luxurious fabrics are used to fashion volume on the shoulders and waist in the form of ruffles and bows to generate a wardrobe made of asymmetrical pieces. Lavish gold buttons decorate the hem of a skirt, the wrists of a blouse and even the lining of a dress from the collar to add an embellishing touch to the pieces.

The most characteristic element of all is the retake on the 3D flowers, which have been etched by hand using noble materials of tafta and tulle. These delicately ornate accessories are embroidered onto the lining of a blouse and dress as well as the waist pockets of wide-legged trousers, giving inspiration to the theme of the collection.

The colour pallet reflects the wonderful garden of the POCA & POCA princess which surrounds her and creating a harmonious regal elegance. Pastel tints such as pink, rose and beige give a romantic and feminine touch, while darker hues of royal blue, silver, bronze and black often with a shimmering nuance, transmit a glamourous and refined elegance and beauty.

“Beloved Flowers”


She lives a life full of passion, regal elegance and beauty;

fulfilled by the onset of spring as the flowers begin to bloom in the marvelous sun

as it rises behind the hills of her beloved kingdom. Her fortress sits perched on a hilltop,

overlooking the city below, and every morning the POCA & POCA princess looks out from

her grandly arched windows as the people begin to happily go about their daily routines.

She is gracefully dressed in a pink ruffled dress

as she strolls amongst the majestic gardens which surround her palace.

The magnificent fountains cascade their waters throughout the grounds, appeasing the roses,

oranges and myrtles as they start to bud and blossom in their most gorgeous colours.

English Elm trees reach out towards the sky, shading her path towards her most treasured courtyard

which is centered with a large reflecting pond set in its marble pavement.

She loves to watch the birds bathe in its waters as they amiably flutter

their wings spreading the droplets of water from their bodies.

She looks up at the white arched columns

and feels blessed to be amongst this majestically floral fantasy.

Discover video of “Beloved Flowers” collection HERE 

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The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, Le BHV on City Walk, Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, and online on www.pocaandpoca.com