Discover new “The Secret Life” Autumn / Winter 2017 collection

The collection celebrates the timeless elegance and style with the charming touch of POCA & POCA. Each piece embraces classic and noble forms with sophisticated fabrics, refined details and finished with the brand’s signature style. POCA & POCA draws inspiration from the mysterious beauty of the secret life, imagining a world full of grace, elegance and beauty with bold and striking colors derived from nature. The collection explores the glamour, sophistication and femininity in contrasting tones of saffron yellow, emerald green, noble navy, as well as classy black and white.


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Details include the dynamic elements of pearls which are infused on charming jumpsuits and elegant dresses, while gold buttons decorate refined long skirts and butterfly blouses. Sumptuous fabrics of tulle are draped over the shoulders of a jumpsuit and decorate the shoulders of a bubble blouse. Floral designs are laser-cut and added onto skirts and wide-leg pants for an ultra-feminine touch. To commemorate the secret life, POCA & POCA creates a woolen cape and skirt featuring embroidery of fur in pink, yellow, white and black – an artfully creative component added to the collection.

Majestic and distinct designs provide the wearer a feeling of comfort with a chic touch, as luxurious fabrics ensure an aura of bliss with a relaxed sensation. These creations give the silhouette a dignified and feminine look while ensuring chic comfort. Charming basquines, delicate lines of flounces, subtle sheerings, polished fastenings and gentle folds modestly slenderize the body and highlight its biggest assets.


The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, Le BHV on City Walk, Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, and online on